Employment Details
  • Acrobyte Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
    13th May, 2019 to now
Software Engineer
  1. Responsible for bug fixes & new feature development for Actively Learn
  2. Working in a special project with the responsibility of migrating existing Backbone.js based app views to modern React components.
  3. While doing the React Migration also making Actively Learn accessible specially keyboard accessibility, form validations, semantics, landmarks, navigation, screen reader compatibility etc. Doing all this by making small accessible React components & re-use them throughout the app.
  4. Working on building a separate UI library with those component & publish them as npm package to re-use across different apps of Actively Learn.
  5. Refactoring overall html layout & making the site more responsive with better mobile & tablet support.
  • Exide Industries Limited
    1st July, 2015 to 11th May, 2019
Assistant Manager (Automotive Production)
  1. Responsible for daily productivity in the automotive plate generation area
  2. Production planning & inventory, scrap & wastage control, supervision of the shift and man-power management.
  3. Reduction of downtime & process control & co-ordinations with maintenance Department.
  4. Ensure proper material handling, Housekeeping & TPM activities.
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